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Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have weird sex?

Sex with something… a little odd?

If you enjoyed this short story you might want to meet Teakettle. Teakettle is a very loving, very attentive thing. It just so happens that it lives in a particular hot tub, one that you are about to relax in and let your inhibitions float away.

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Welcome-Blog Feedback Audios E-Books Terms & Use

This work has been accepted for publication by Infernal Ink Books in an anthology ‘Lustcraftian Horrors’ See the link on the right.

It  is an original piece but inspired by 'The Dunwich Horror ', a classic short story by Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1928) and the Shlocky, 1970 B-Movie of the same name from American International Pictures, starring Dean Stockwell and Sandra Dee. I have put back in the sex and erotic content that both suggested but never delivered, with one or two additions of my own that seemed to fit. Buy the book and see if you can you tell what they are?

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