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Harald and Harquilla - Episode Two

Coming to a fork in the dark tunnel, Harald consulted the map. In his head was a continuous count of his every pace since entering the underground train network in the desert. From the map it was to be the left fork and then a straight run to the City. Almost three quarters of the way there and so far, his journey had held nothing but the snaking rail tracks ahead and behind him. He knew it could not be that simple.

Feeling the bag at his side he counted two torches. From an inside pocket he took a Seigen made Smythe and Wilson revolver. Cracking the pistol, he checked the seven brass shells in their chambers; a misfire could be fatal in these tunnels. Satisfied they were seated in the lands properly he closed the weapon and walked on, the gun ready in his hand.


Harquilla was soaked in sweat. The leather straps criss-crossing her pale skin were dark with perspiration and her long hair  was wet and stuck to her head. Professor Hariss was about to climax and was biting her nipples alternately as he always did right before ejaculating. His colleague, Doctor Jenks had just emptied his passion in her ass and withdrawn to lie on the bed to wait for his partner. She could feel his seed oozing from her each time the Professor thrust in her.

Harquilla had come twice already; she had no need to fake her orgasms for the punters.  She enjoyed sex a great deal. This was a particular pleasure; to be bound in the frame and taken by both men excited her. She gave them as good as she got and they always gave her a lot.

She squeezed harder around the Professor’s deeply thrusting cock and felt him shudder in response.

“I am coming, Sir. Please fill me. I want your seed in my cunny.”

Harquilla pressed his buttons with her careful words.  In response to her moans and begging, she felt his hips grind harder against her and his cock twitch inside her.

“Oh God, Take this, my little bitch!” The Professor groaned.

He gripped her waist tightly and seemed to want to push his cock up into her chest. The scalding sensation of his sperm flooding her pushed Harquilla over the edge and she climaxed with him, just as he liked.

The Professor slid from her in a gush of juices that slicked her thighs. He stumbled to the bed and crumpled into the arms of Jenks. The academic stopped stroking his semi erect cock and began stroking the post orgasmic Hariss.

Harquilla took a moment to allow her own aftershocks to subside. The fingers of her right hand tugged at a cord and the strap around her wrist came undone. The other wrist and then her ankles were just a simple unbuckling and she stepped from the wooden frame. Clients would sometimes forget to untie her so she had made arrangements. The two men were engrossed in each other so she took time to clean up in the bathroom and slip out of the sweaty leather harness. Her maid would need to saddle soap and oil it before she could use it again.

Stepping quietly into the bedroom she saw Jenks was swallowing Hariss’ cock and his own ass was filled with his partners probing fingers. Their gasps and groans made her wet again and she opened a drawer in a dark wood chest. The rubber coated dildo had a solid brass sculpted core and was an impressive size.

Harquilla joined the writhing men on the bed and considered just how much she enjoyed her profession as they both reached for her.


A tiny sound to his left was the only warning, no louder than a pebble rolling gently against another. Harald dropped to one knee and turned toward the sound in one fluid movement. The torchlight was suddenly full of fire bright eyes and sharply snapping ivory fangs.  The Smythe and Wilson spoke twice, deafening in the enclosed space. The powder flashes like lightening revealing the nightmare creature leaping at him. Harald felt the heavy recoil in his shoulder and fought to keep the muzzle down each time then rolled quickly to his left, dropping the torch. There was a scrabbling sound and darkness fell.

Harald listened intently for the sound of breathing or of razor sharp claw on rock. Three full breaths later he lowered the pistol and fumbled for a torch and the tinderflame. In the flame light he saw the crumpled body of his attacker lying atop the torch he had dropped. Dark blood was pooling around the corpse and the splintered bones and torn muscle of the ruined back caused him to relax. The heavy calibre bullets were soft nosed. They expanded on impact to punch big raw holes in muscle, sinew and bone.

The creature was just a big dog. Huge jaws and massive paws with curved black claws but for all that just a wild dog. The tales Harald had heard of fabulous monsters in the Train Tunnels had so far not materialised in anything more substantial than the dead beast in front of him. Still, he thought, there is some way to go before safety; he corrected himself, or at least safer.

He gathered up everything he had dropped in the attack and walked on into the darkness.


Harquilla lay on the pile of pillows watching Hariss and Jenks writhe together. The Professor was kneeling behind Jenks, reaching around and under the man on all fours before him to grip his cock and stroke it. Hariss’ fist moved in rhythm with his hips as he sodomised his colleague. Harquilla slid the dildo in and out of her sopping cunt looking at the two rutting men watching her masturbate. She liked that they fucked each other while she fucked herself. The male forms moving in a sensual ballet of sex as she grew closer to climax was a pleasure to observe. She loved the flexing of their limbs and the tightening of their abdomens as their movements became less controlled. The skin of Jenks’ cock slipping to and fro in Hariss’ fist exposing his tight round cockhead each time was an arousing scene for her. Harquilla felt her orgasm coming and spread her legs wider so that they would see better.

“I’m coming, Sirs. I’m going to squirt!” she cried out and raised her pelvis from the bed as the spasm took her.

Harquilla pulled the dildo out as she came and sprayed her come over Jenk’s chest and arms. As her spasms and contractions multiplied she watched the Professor come in his partner, his face contorted with the release. Doctor Jenks arched his back against Hariss and let fly with his own ejaculation. A stream of semen made pearly strings on the bed sheet and splashed Harquilla’s ankle with the force of his orgasm. All three lay speechless and panting; entirely spent.

It took some time to disentangle their bodies, clean up and find where their clothes had dropped. As the academics prepared to leave, they collected up the essays and writing that Harquilla had prepared for them.

Doctor Jenks asked her,

“How long before you plan to apply to the University, Madam?”

“I think it will be for the next academic year, sir. I should have sufficient resources by the time for Admission.” Harquilla said.

“Your work is excellent; I should think that your portfolio will do nothing less than impress, my dear.” The Professor said as they both made to leave. “We will be back in a fortnight, Yes Jenks?”

“Why of course, Professor.” Jenks grinned at Harquilla as they left. She looked at the side table where they had left behind fresh tasks for her and more books.

“I will do it.” Harquilla whispered into the silence, “I will.”


To be continued…

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