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Welcome-Blog Feedback Audios E-Books Terms & Use

I began this series some eight years ago but then put it aside to work on audio production. However I have a fondness for my characters and I want to see how they develop and what may befall them. Harald is smart but has a particular skill that makes him incredibly lazy. Harquilla is equally smart but works her ass off to get where she needs to go.

You can read more about these two in coming episodes that you can access By clicking on the Image links below.

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Kisha: The last of the Firmlands

A world where the past is very, very ancient and the present is well, let’s just say a little mixed up… A world where magic and technology get a little confused and where the people are trying to make some sense of it all, as people do everywhere and everywhen.

Join me in a journey through the Firmlands and we can discover Kisha together…

Harald is a good guy? Harquilla is a bad Girl?

Essemoh Teepee © 2010/2018

The Mind Minstrel and The Whore: - Harald & Harquilla

(A Kisha World Story)

The fine sand grains fell from the thick scarf as he unwrapped his face to take a drink from the boar skin water flask. His camel fidgeted at the sudden smell of warm water in that dry place. Harald squeezed his knees in to the beasts’ bony sides until it stilled and he took out a brass chronometer buried deeply in his sand robes. From another pocket he extracted a fine instrument of brass and sky iron with a calibrated dial and tiny mirrors. Checking the time, he made some small adjustments and sighted the instrument at the horizon. He held the device still to centre the swinging needle at the core of the Navigators Labe. Harald noted the reading where a tiny reflected sun fell onto an inscribed scale of white ivory.

“Half a day.” he grumbled to himself, putting the Labe away.

From another pocket he took a packet that crackled in his fingers as he untied the leather thong binder. Spreading the thick brown parchment on his saddle pad he noted his current position on the age brittle map. The mark was at the end of a line of such marks from the edge of the ink blue ocean towards what looked like an old bloodstain. A faint scrawl across the stain could just be made out to read ‘Kisha’.


“Make sure you swallow it all.”

Harquilla looked up from where she knelt in front of the Dul Trader and smiled around his cock as she cupped his balls and gently squeezed. Licking the head of his semi erection she took him deeper into her mouth and did what she knew best. Brushing her auburn hair from her face she looked up at the Trader and tried to twinkle. She knew the Dul prized the contrast of her fair skin and his dark shaft slipping between her lips. She had a higher base charge for just that reason. When he reached down to twist her exposed nipple she made a soft whimpering sound, only part an act.

The warm heat of her mouth worked its alchemy and the Trader was stiff and ready, butting against the back of her throat as he thrust his hips against her face. Harquilla sucked on him harder and took him even deeper so that she began to choke and sputter. His hand on the back of her head told her how urgent his need was and she expertly slipped a long probing finger into his ass


“Fuck! Dirty Siegen slut; take my load.”

Harquilla flinched only a little as he emptied himself into her. The thick salty flood of his seed at the back of her throat made her tingle low down. She made obvious swallowing motions and loudly slurped at his now subsiding cock. The clients liked to know she had really swallowed their come.

She always made sure of payment up front, experience was a good teacher but the tinkle of coins as the Trader left was an extra bonus for his satisfaction. The closest to a thank you Harquilla could expect. She stepped out of her scanty lace slip and went to clean up before the next client.


Harald checked the map one last time and looked over the brow of the dune through an ocular. Against the setting sun he saw the long torpedo shape silhouette in the sky as it slowly traversed his view. The patrol would be searching the desert for people just such as he. The next patrol airship would be in view long before he could cover the distance to the City, even if his mount had been fresh. Taking care not to let the glass lens catch the sun and betray him Harald slithered back down the dune face and went to the camel.

Searching the pack, he found a folded paper. This was clean and new. The map on it drawn freshly for him by the Rail Society Adept he had asked. The secret tunnels into the city were the domain of the societies and they kept their secrets well. Traitors were tortured and their broken bodies thrown into the streets as warnings to others. The Adept had happily drawn the map when Harald asked for it.

He took only a satchel from the camel’s burden; leaving all the supplies and valuable instruments he had been given. It never occurred to him to sell them in the City for a tidy sum. Harald could always ask for more if he needed them. It was far better to arrive in Kishar without a ripple and seem as though he had always been there. If anyone asked him any questions, that’s what they would believe.

The tunnel mouth was almost completely covered by sand, only the very top of the stone arch with midnight black below showed. Harald wriggled into the gloom and down to the tunnel floor. He took a wooden stick bound in rags and smelling of oil from a bag of several at his waist and sparked it alight with a waterproof tinderflint. The flickering torchlight revealed rusty lines of metal on the floor disappearing into the gloom ahead. Harald began to walk towards the City.


Freshly washed and perfumed, Harquilla rouged her nipples and looked at herself in the mirror. The freckles on her shoulders and the tops of her breasts needed to be touched up a little. She had considered having them tattooed but this way she could play many parts than just a Siegen Miss. Not all her clients took pleasure in fucking the Overlords.

Harquilla had a plan, a plan to escape. She was working as hard as she could and saving every kaspam she managed to squeeze from her clients. Harquilla wanted to go to school. She wanted to become a Bluestocking and have her own apartments and salon. She could read very well and write, not accomplishments that were common among the City whores. But then Harquilla was not born to whoredom, she had chosen it as a way to her dream. Like everything she did she studied hard to become expert and her income was testament to her skills.

The maid knocked politely and her low voice through the door said,

“Your Gentlemen are here, Miss”

Harquilla acknowledged the call and picked up the leather harness she would wear for her next session. The two men were university dons and they enjoyed taking her together and then having each other. Harquilla didn’t mind the double penetration and then she could relax and let them get on with each other. It was sweet really, and they paid well for the protection her rooms provided them.

“Come in Gentlemen,” Harquilla said and then as they settled into the chairs, “How would you like to have me today?”


To Be Continued…

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