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Izzy and the Squad

A vignette about one girl and her Fam, her best friends.

When we want to be in the gang, often the gang want to be in us...

Izzy and the Squad

Essemoh Teepee© 2006 - 2018

Izzy was cold. It was a damp night near the river and the wind was sharp. It was okay for the Squad, they could wear long pants and hoodies over layered sports vests and tops. She only wore six items of clothing, counting both her shoes.

Her tan padded sleeveless jacket was short over an even shorter thin white crop top ending just below her breasts. Izzy was proud of her breasts, she knew the Squad liked them. She was very aware that her narrow back and small waist showed them off well.

Izzy never wore a bra, she liked the effect her very visible nipples had on men. They always stared at her, whatever their age. It gave her a thrill deep down in her belly to think they noticed her, wanted her. She would get wet sometimes, thinking about them, what they did, later as they thought of her. It made her feel special, all that nasty want focused on her.

Izzy's bare arms were pale and blotchy and she felt the cold air raise goose bumps under her skin. In her bedroom earlier she had hunted through the clothing strewn floor and grabbed up her newest skirt, a low riding denim, pelmet mini which just covered her at the front. She kept smoothing it down at the back but the lower curves of her buttocks were still exposed.  Izzy would bend over in it to adjust a shoelace or pick something up if she needed to cause a distraction for the Squad. The red lace scrap of a thong she wore underneath was more to flash than to conceal.

Izzy kept herself shaved like the porn stars, Jay liked that. Jay had once told her she was Gucci as his fingers had swept over her smooth skin and into her.

Izzy's heavy cross trainers were practical, she and the Squad tended to have to run quite fast, often with little notice.

Izzy dressed for the Squad. It was her thing, she liked to have them looking at her body. They were Fam and she got a warm buzz from the sleepy, hungry look she saw in their eyes, the power to make them thirsty. To see them get hard for her. Izzy thought sex was straight fire.

She hadn't been a virgin for over two years. Her first time had been a revelation. Her mother's BAE of the moment had taken them both to bed over a long weekend. Izzy never forgot her mother holding her shoulders down on their bed, saying soothing things in her ear as he penetrated her for the first time of many.

Izzy couldn't believe it when she first saw him aroused, that all that meat would fit into her. Her first orgasm came after just a little pain and some blood. Izzy thought she was having a heart attack, the spasming and uncontrollable writhing around the sliding heat inside her. She had still been trembling and crying out from the aftershocks as he had finished, pulling out of her to empty himself into her mother's hungry mouth.

Izzy did not blame her mother, it seemed reasonable to her that the guy would want to fuck them both if it was on offer. She was actually grateful to them for introducing her to the best thing in her life. For Izzy sex was just lit. Much of her time was spent being thirsty to smash, to find that peak and release again.

She knew she was not pretty; her dyed black hair was streaked with deep red and cropped tight to her head, her face was too pinched and she had dark patches under her eyes that sleep couldn't erase, but her body was great. She worked hard on her abs; she knew Jay liked to run his hand down her tight, flat stomach.

Izzy loved it when Jay touched her there, she liked it more when his hand kept going, cupping her in his palm, parting her with his fingers; Jay could do anything he wanted it was fine by her.

Izzy had worked hard to be the current Squad girl. It gave her status with her peers. Respect was better than pretty. Squad girl meant she got to go about with them and take a part in their runs; lookout, diversion, perve bait. Being with the Squad also meant her body being available to smash any of them at any time. Often several at once.

Izzy was ok with that, she liked it, she liked it a whole lot, except on cold days by the river like today. This space under the rails overhead smelt bad and was littered with construction debris and rubbish. Not exactly Netflix n chill comfortable.

They were all bored, it was getting late and there was nothing happening, no one to throw a shade at or slap. Worse, the beer cans were nearly gone. Jay shouted to her 'Hey Izzie, play for us, play with your toy'. The others took it up, 'yeah Izzie, play with your toy.' 'Come on Izzie, get your toy'. The five boys gathered around her and demanded she comply, they hooted and jeered when she slipped her Rabbit from her jacket pocket. Pink, plastic and looking like a small child's brightly coloured plaything, the Rabbit was a girl’s best friend, it was her most favourite vibrator, and it was GOAT.

Izzy called out,'Hey Jay, I don't got no lube, gimme some spit?' Ever the gentleman Jay obliged with a generous gobbet of saliva perfectly placed on the end of the pink dildo.

Izzy looked around and stepped to the bridge support behind her and leant against it. Pulling up the front of her skirt she slipped her fingers beneath the front of her tiny thong and pulled it to one side, exposing her shaved vulva. Sucking her own fingers briefly she used them to moisten the pink satin flesh between her thighs. The Squad crowded around to watch the show, jostling for position, pushing, laughing and shoving.

This was what Izzy was about. She craved being the centre of attention, needed to be wanted, if she had to fuck herself and then all of them, she didn't care, this was where she wanted to be, they were Fam. She spread the saliva over the toy's head and twisted its base to start it buzzing. Spreading her legs and jutting her hips, she slid the device inside herself. For the Squad’s benefit she bumped and ground her pelvis and moaned breathily as the Rabbit buzzed at her already wet flesh. It worked both inside her and at her clitoris, very soon she stopped acting, the Rabbit always got her hot really quickly. Izzy saw three of the boys kneading their groins through their pants, which made her even more exited. She was annoyed that Jay seemed uninterested by her display. He was distant, thoughtful. Izzy tried harder.

With her other hand she slid up her short vest to expose her upturned breasts tipped with jutting brown nipples. Izzy felt them hard and sharp with the cold. Brushing them with her palm she felt the electric tingling making her feel watery inside. She shivered with more than the cold and the plastic head of her Rabbit slid more easily on and into her.

Izzy preferred to come first before any of the Squad took her. It made things easier if she was wet and loose. She worked the toy further into herself, the top prong vibrating against her clitoris, quickly turning her belly to heat and water. She climaxed in a sudden sticky gush, which slicked her hand and the little dildo.

One of the boys, Evander, had joined her, undoing his pants and stroking his hard cock to come with her. She felt his thick sperm splash warm on her legs as it arced from his jerking penis. Izzy felt another spasm thrill through her from the sensation.

Her eyes looked and she saw Jay, he was coming towards her. Only his eyes visible, gleaming deep in the darkness of his hoodie. This was what Izzy wanted. Jay was her BAE, with the others it was just smash.

Izzy felt Jay's cold hands grab her around her slim waist. He flipped her over, dragging her skirt up over her back with one hand, the other forcing her to bend over the low concrete wall. She dropped her small toy and she heard it skitter on the concrete floor. She was thinking that she would need to wash it now when he pierced her with something cold, very hard and metallic. Izzy realised he had brought one of his own favourite toys tonight and whimpered. The massive chrome phallus, inhumanly thick, had a huge domed glans and moulded veins intertwining all along it. She felt each rib and ridge as he roughly thrust the cold length of it into her, so deep it completely filled her, stretching her to her very end. As she screamed she heard Jay behind her whisper.

'Yeah, that's it, squirm for me Iz, come big.'

And she did.

**The End**

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