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Louisa woke with Jason moving slowly inside her as she lay face down on the bed. She moaned softly as she felt him withdraw, slithering from her, then cried out in acceptance as he penetrated her afresh, hard and thick; a few hours rest must have recovered his erection.

Louisa recalled them earlier, lying together, wet with mutual sweat, his semen on her stomach and thighs, their limbs entwined, resting, sated. It had been the best since they had arrived, Louisa had counted three orgasms before it stopped mattering and just kept coming. Jason held his for as long as he could, from experience unable to continue after his usual heroic ejaculation. Louisa teasingly called him ‘her human fire hose’. This time he had wanted to see it on her tanned skin, 'like a string of pearls' he had said and had withdrawn from her at the end to splash over her stomach. Louisa didn't mind, they had plenty of time. The week of their holiday was only two days old and they had made love five times already; besides it made her wriggle and feel nasty when he did that. They had talked about having children for some time and both felt they were ready, so she had stopped her birth control pills.

Jason was very excited and hard this time, Louisa could feel his rounded head stretching her as he slid into her and withdrew in a slow, measured rhythm. She moved her hips slowly under him, lifting them a little to meet his strokes.

'Mmnnh, that’s good Honey, keep it slow, so's I can catch you up.' Louisa murmured.

In answer Jason thrust a little slower but longer and deeper. His thick cock withdrew so just his swollen tip just remained inside her, stretching her tightness deliciously. Then curved back all the way into her until he pressed against her furthest end. It hurt a little, but Louisa writhed with the sensual pain as he touched her there, deep inside. It was a good hurt, really good.

Happy together for two years, they had looked for somewhere fresh to get away and found this hotel overlooking the sea; a cheap deal on the Internet and had come to the quiet resort to start making babies.

Louisa felt her breathing deepen into a rhythm that matched his strokes; in and out, keeping pace as he gradually increased the frequency and power of his thrusting.

'Oh yes, oh yes, Uh huh; keep it there Jase, that's good; oh yes, mmh hmm, give it to me honey, fuck me babe.' Louisa’s words were gasped in time with his plunging entries. Jason said nothing but Louisa could feel his hot breath on her neck. She knew he liked to hear her when they were going at it.  

She spread her knees and thighs wider on the bed, giving him more access, thrusting her pelvis up towards him, meeting his muscled stomach with a rhythmic slap of flesh against flesh, the sound of sex.

Louisa preferred being taken from behind, she liked that it was just about the screwing. There were no distractions; just the feel of your lover’s cock in you, doing you, fucking you until you both came, shuddering together. She could feel the familiar heat and pressure building deep in her belly, stepping up a level each time Jason butted against her, deep inside. If anything he felt harder, thicker and longer than when he had woken her. She usually loosened up after a few good strokes. She could feel she was really wet, cum oozing from her each time Jason withdrew and pushed himself back into her.

Oddly he was still stretching her to her limit, as though she was still tight or his cock was getting thicker. Louisa felt him in total contact with her body, all along inside her. Every thick vein and hard ridge of him sliding deliciously against her inside with each solid stroke. He definitely felt bigger, perhaps it was after their rest, he was always very hard in the mornings, 'Richard always wakes up angry', was Jason's usual joke about his dawn erections.

Louisa was panting now, her breath ripped from her by his increasingly urgent thrusts, moaning as she came closer to a release. Each time he pounded against her she cried out. Each time he impacted with her deepest point her wave of ecstasy mounted higher; ready to break and wash through her in climax.

'Oh God. Oh yesss. Fuck me. Give it to me good. Make me come, Honey. Oh Fuck, you're good, Jase, harder babe, fuck me harder.' the words were forced from her in gasps and guttural moans. She lifted her hips higher from the bed, arching her back in a deep bow to push back against each thudding entry. Louisa gripped her pillow tightly with both hands, twisting it, tearing at it with her fingers, biting it as she felt her nearing orgasm getting closer, the hot pressure inside her becoming almost unbearable.

‘Oh God, Jase, I’m going to cum. Fuck me! Use me! Come in me!’

Jason felt bone hard inside her as she thrust herself even harder against him. Louisa's, internal spaces adjusted as her orgasm approached, allowing Jason’s cock to penetrate even deeper, to push at her cervix as he buried himself in her dripping wetness. The pain of his battering of her inner spaces somehow added to the beautifully agonising experience. Louisa couldn't help a little scream each time he almost breached her. She felt completely open to him; his hard body was entering every part of her. She was being totally fucked, hard and deep. He was taking her to the very core. It was just too much to contain. Her climax broke, crashing through her, washing her awareness almost away with the overwhelming flash flood of orgasm. Her internal muscles in spasm, gripping and squeezing his seemingly wrist thick cock as Jason still moved powerfully inside her.

Her pleasure was just subsiding as she felt him nearing his peak. He was now slamming himself into her harder, faster and incredibly, even deeper. The swollen, fist hard head of him felt huge within her, like a marble tennis ball riding up and down inside her, stretching her each time it passed along her, almost to the point of tearing.

He was hurting her, even though she was so wet and loose that she could hear the squelching, sucking sounds as Jason thrust into her liquid, spaces. Despite the pain Louisa didn't want him to stop, she wanted more gorgeous agony. She felt the pressure inside her quickly mounting again.

'Oh God. Honey, it hurts. You're splitting me. Fuck me harder Jase, hurt me babe.  I'm coming again, Hon'. Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh FUCK!'

The last words were a full scream as Jason finally pushed himself further than ever before. No lover had ever done that to her. Louisa had not even known it was possible during normal sex. It hurt so much she couldn't help writhing her whole body and bucking her hips under Jason; but it hurt so good she didn't want him to stop as she had her second, even more intense orgasm.

Louisa could feel he was completely inside her, totally filling her up. She felt his humping spasms as he pumped semen along the pulsating length of him and deep into her. She came a third time as she felt the heat of his semen splash, hot and thick, directly against the quivering walls of her womb, filling her with his satisfaction, as he kept spasming, pumping more and more seed into her as though he wouldn’t ever stop coming. Her ‘fire hose, lover’

Louisa was totally exhausted, her head felt as though it was too small to contain her brain. She was unable to move, the silky weight of sex, pinning her limbs to the ruined, wet bed. Jason had really pulled out all the stops for this episode, she might even consider marrying him if he could fuck this good more often.

'That one should be bottled, so I can sip it when I'm old and all dried up, Jase. Honey, you are Mr. Fan-fucking-tastic.' Louisa sinuously writhed her whole body under his weight.

'Oh don't, honey, don’t go, stay inside me, I love feeling you go soft!' Louisa protested. Jason pulled harder, there was a thickness at the base of his cock that seemed reluctant to subside. He pulled insistently, dragging her hips up from the bed onto her knees. There was a sucking sound as he left her in a rush, the sensations made her whimper and arch her back. Louisa felt a stream of thick semen gush from her, to trickle stickily down along her groin and stomach to drip from her naval and pool on the sheets below. Jason still felt as hard against her thigh, if not harder and thicker and very definitely longer, than when he had first woken her; perhaps she could get him to do it all over!

'Oh Jason, stay with me, I want to cuddle. Then, maybe we could try again, Huh babe?'

Jason stayed silent. Louisa felt his weight lift off the bed. She squealed as she felt him run his fingernails from her shoulders, down her back and over her buttocks as she writhed on the bed at the sensation, just at the edge of pain. Louisa could almost feel her skin parting under the razor sharp fingernails.

'Your nails need trimming, Jase.' She said.

'Sorry Babe, what did you say? I was in the bathroom. I heard you making a noise, but I couldn't make out what you were saying'. Jason switched on the room light as he walked in from the little lobby towards the bed. 'Are you ready for some more of my cream to go with your sweet sugar?'

Louisa sprawled on the ruined bed, legs spread wide, hips in the air, dripping cunt full of thick seed. Blinking in the sudden brightness, Louisa stared at him as he said,


The End

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