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Fiction by Essemoh Teepee (2006 - 2016)©


'Why are you sorry that I have to leave?' She stalked liquidly around me, fingers trailing over my shoulders and neck, pausing to cup my throat in her palm, the other sliding flat on my stomach down to the waistband of my suit pants, pulling me back against her. I could feel twin peaks pressing sharply into my back, just below my shoulder blades, her fragrance swirled in my nostrils, taking me back twenty years.  A girl who had said she had never had an orgasm, what was a guy to do?

'Look, I don't do this sort of thing.'

'What sort of thing is that?' Her breath warmed my ear as she whispered into it over my shoulder. Her cascading chestnut hair smelled of clean fresh herbs.

'I don't mix sex with work, its bad for business, people expect things.'

She stepped in front of me. 'I expect to come; I usually scream in orgasm.' She said softly, her hazel eyes staring straight into mine, then she kissed me.

A taste of honey and limes, sweet and clean, Her busy tongue drawing mine into her mouth to taste her deeper. She moaned softly in her throat as my tongue swept over her palate and the root of her tongue.

Breaking off I said 'this is not a good idea. You must go, you're very attractive, but no thanks, I need to focus.'

'On what?'


'What do you need to focus on?' I was looking at the curve of her neck as it joined her shoulder, the prominent bones leading the eye to her gently swelling breasts under the elegantly simple black dress.

'Work. I have a lot of work to do. Desmond is not my only client, I have a big presentation in a couple of days and I need to finish off my material.'

Her hands that had been crawling over my back and hips moved to my chest, pushed me lightly away from her.

'Work is not everything. You should make time for relationships, people, laughter and sex. Always make time for sex, there is never enough.' She stalked across the room to a leather armchair; I watched the circular play of black cloth sliding over her deliciously rounded rump, if there was any underclothing it must be very small. Her words had made me pause. Eloise had said something similar to me those months ago; citing my work ethic as her reason for screwing my best friend and leaving.

'Physical intimacy is the source of most of our interactions. Sex drives us, makes our blood pump.' She sat down in a sinuous movement with a dancer's control and strength. The curve of her spine and hip drawing a line that felt attached to my body, to a hardening between my thighs, pulling at me like a hooked line buried in my groin.

'What is your name?' I said.

'What would you like it to be?'


'I can be anyone, anything you want me to be.' Her elbow rested on the chair back, sharp shoulder poised above her wrist, a long slim finger lightly traced the swelling curve at the side of her breast as she spoke.

'Debutante, cool in her lust; hot mistress, begging to be fucked; dutiful wife, horny girlfriend of a best friend, willing slut or cheap whore?' she cupped her breast in her palm and squeezed it, pinching her already hard nipple to a greater prominence as she said the last words.

I cleared my throat, 'My name is Jonathan, I'd like to know your name.'

'I already know your name Jon. Why is it important you know mine? Cannot we just fuck? Names don't make any difference to your already hard cock' A hand had slid between her slightly parted thighs and was tracing the long curve up to the hem of the short dress.

'I like to know the names of the women I make love to.'

'Who said we were going make love Jonathan?'

'I thought... You said Desmond... Look I'm sorry but I got the impression...'

'We are going to fuck, Jon. Screw. Shag. Rut. You are going to take me, hard. Force yourself into me, come inside me, fill me up with your semen. We are going to writhe on that bed, or on the floor as you slide wetly inside me. I am going to be wrapped around you as you shudder and spasm in orgasm, pouring yourself into me, emptying your balls in my belly.'

I could hear the shaking in my voice, 'I'd still like to have a name. Something to say as I come.'

She laughed, throwing her head back, the movement transmitted to her breasts in a fascinating way. 'You can call me Sam.'


'Just Sam.'

'OK Sam, let's start again. My name is Jonathan, I am in town on business and we have a mutual acquaintance, William Desmond. I sell Bill electronics for his river cruisers, what do you do for Bill?'


'But you said Bill sent you.'

Mr. Desmond sometimes asks me to entertain his "acquaintances" for him.

'Why not more, you are very attractive?'

'Why thank you. I could not say. Our dealings are just business.' She did not look at me and her body language had subtly changed. I felt that to press her might be a mistake, make her leave and I realised that I very much wanted her to stay. There had been no one in my bed since Eloise, work had absorbed all my energies and this Sam was fascinating, stunning, different. Thank you Bill.

'Would you like something to drink?'

'Some white wine if you have it.'

'For the price the company is paying for this suite there should be Bollinger in the mini bar.' She smiled at my weak joke.

'There was some sort of mix up in the reservations and they bumped me to this suite.'

'That happens.'

'There's a Californian Chardonnay or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc?'

'The Sauvignon would be fine.'

'I was doing some business in New Zealand a couple of years ago. I visited the Marlborough region, its jam full of great wineries.' I handed her a glass of the pale golden wine.

'Mmnh, that's good, quite cold, very crisp. Thank you.'

'Have you eaten, it's a little late for the restaurant but would you like some thing from room service?'

She put down her wine. 'Come here, Jonathan, stand in front of me.'

The hem of her dress had slid off the black lace of her hose, delicate pale skin banded in a stark contrast.

'Do you like sex, Jonathan?'

'When I am fortunate to have a willing partner, yes very much.'

Sam said 'I love it, the feel of swelling flesh sliding inside me. I especially enjoy the sensation of a man going from flaccid to a hard erection in my mouth. It makes me feel powerful.'

'You always get a man's full attention when his dick is between your teeth.'

Sam laughed again, 'Then give me your fullest attention.'

Her tongue and lips were cool from the wine; sharp teeth gently skated over my not quite rigid flesh as she took me into her mouth and swallowed the extending length. Sam worked at me, tongue coiling and flicking, roping saliva slicking my shaft.  Her head moved to a rhythm that caused me to gasp and jerk as the head of me bumped the back of her throat. It had been a long time since Eloise and as Sam sucked me even further down I was very close to a release.

I groaned, 'I'm going to come...' and made a move to withdraw but Sam's hands pulled at my hips and she devoured my erection with renewed relish. The tension at the base of my spine and between my legs burst.

'Oh God...fuck!'

Sam clamped her lips around me and I felt one hand softly squeeze my balls as the other swept sharp fingernails screamingly over my suddenly sensitive belly. A finger or a thumb traced the edges of my anus before plunging in to make my back arch with the sudden intense sensation. I emptied myself down her throat in thick gouts; sperm dammed up from months of nothing flowed in a torrent. Sam swallowed deeply once, twice and a final lingering, sucking licking time.

'You taste sweet and like the sea on a fresh windy day.' she said when she finished.

I bent down and kissed her, tasting myself on her tongue.

'More like an old rock pool to me.'

'You have no romance in your soul.'

'I am sorry.'

'For what?'

'It's selfish of me, I've had my pleasure but not given any in return.'

'That's foolish, I drunk of you with very great pleasure and we have only begun to enjoy each other. There is much more.'

'But I need some time to recover.' I waggled my hand at my now soggy and limp member.

'Let me dance for you and then we will see.'

Sam unwound herself like a cat from the chair and began to sway around the room.  She was an accomplished dancer, writhing and grinding, flexing and touching herself to complete silence other than the music that must be playing in her head. It was one of the most sensual and erotic routines I have ever experienced.

'You are a fantastic dancer.'

'It's what I do.'

'You're a professional dancer?'

'I'm professional in everything I do, Jonathan.' so saying she slipped the spaghetti string straps off her shoulders and her black dress pooled around her waist. A jewel and small chain gleamed at her navel amid well defined athletes abs. Apple round breasts tipped with brown, hard peaked nipples adorned her chest which she squeezed and stroked as she glided back to my lap.

'There, you are all better now.'

I looked down in surprise, I had been too engrossed in her body to register my own twitching erection; it curved aggressively up from between my thighs, very obviously ready once more.

'Do you like anal intercourse, Jon?'

'You are the most surprisingly direct woman I have ever met.'

'I like to be surprising. You did not answer my question.'

'My experience in that direction is a little limited, my partners have not been very adventurous.'

'Then we will try and remedy your inexperience.' Sam turned away and bent down to slip her dress the rest of the way to the floor. The thin black thong and matching lace, stocking tops enhanced her rounded rump and slender dancer's thighs. The high spike heels of her gleaming black shoes threw her calves up into a sensuous curve, their straps and bars lightly hinting at being restraints.

Kneeling she spun towards me and leant over my lap, her soft hair brushing the goosebumps on my thighs

'We need a little moisture first.' Enveloping me with her warm mouth she coated my hard flesh with thick saliva, making me even firmer in the process.

'I think we are ready now.'

Rising and turning Sam sat in my lap pulling her thong to one side and nestling the head of my coated penis between her soft buttocks.

'We need to take this slowly, Jonathan. Get used to the feel of each other before we go to it, Ok?'

'You're on top, Sam.'  

Slowly I felt her soft muscular warmth slide over and around me. The initial entry was easy, breaching her inner tightness was a little harder to achieve but with a wriggle, Sam lowered herself into my lap, my rigid flesh sliding through her resistance and beyond into the hot, tight depths of her.

'Ahh, that feels so good, don't move Jonathan, let me do the work.'

With incrementally faster, deeper movements Sam stroked me to ecstasy, her internal muscles gripping me like a fist as she rode my lap.

'God, Sam this is sensational, is this part of your dance routine?'

'Sometimes, for a very special audience, there is a special show.'

'I bet you have them coming in their pants?'

'I prefer them to come inside me, Jonathan.'

I reached around to touch her upper thighs and she took my hands in hers, directing them to her breasts.

'You feel incredible, so hot and tight.'

'Thank you. Jonathan. I believe you are getting harder, spreading me wider, it hurts a little.'

'I'm sorry, would you like us to stop?'

'No, oh no. It is a good hurt. Tell me do you like it when I squeeze, so?'

It felt like the fist had tightened around me as Sam kept pumping in my lap.

'Oh fuck, yes.'

'Good, then hold on.'

It felt like I was being milked by a velvet vice. I couldn't help thrusting up to meet her and with each penetration Sam grunted and gave a small scream.

'So good, oh so good. Fuck me Jonathan. Fuck me so hard it hurts.'

I only managed three or four more good strokes before exploding inside her, draining my now aching balls for a second time.

Sam leant her sweat gleamed back against me, her fine, fragrant hair softly brushing my face.

'That was very good, Jonathan, thank you.'

'It was all my pleasure, Sam I assure you. I am only sorry that I couldn't hold on longer'

'Can we stay like this for a while, I would like to feel you grow soft in me?'

'I don't think I can move anyway.'

'Hold me then, cuddle me, please?'

I wrapped my arms around her lithe slender body and we enjoyed the intimacy of shared human warmth. I could feel my semen leaking from her, trickling down between my thighs in a deliciously decadent sensation.

'How did you meet Bill Desmond?'

'At the club where I dance.'

'You said there was nothing between you but have you and he ever...Does he... Do this?'

'Fuck me?'


'Many people fuck me Jonathan. It is something else that I do'

'It's just that Bill seems a little, brutal. He certainly drives a vicious bargain and he takes no prisoners in business deals. I would imagine he could be a harsh lover. Does he hurt you?'

'A little pain can be a good thing, as we found.'

'I am sorry. It's none of my business what you and he do. He sent you too me, I should be grateful to him.'

'Mr. Desmond can be very cruel, but he and I have never been together in that way, Jonathan. I am not to his taste.'




'Why do you think it is a good thing that Mr. Desmond does not fuck me?'

'I, I don't know. I suppose I don't like the thought of him hurting you.'

'We have just met. We do not know each other, why would it matter to you?'

'We have made love to each other, enjoyed some intense emotions together. That connects us in my mind. It means something to me, that you are a person with which I have shared myself. It matters.'

'Thank you, Jonathan, it matters to me that you feel so.'

'I still feel guilty.'


'I have had two tremendous orgasms and you have not come.'

'There is still time.'

'Thanks for the vote of confidence but you may be disappointed.'

'We will see.'

Sam got up and went over to her dress pooled on the floor beside a small purse.

'Please lie on the bed, Jonathan.'

'What, now?'

'Yes please, time for a little gentle massage. I just need a towel.'

On her way back from the bathroom holding a hand towel, still in her heels, black stockings and tight thong she said 'On your back please, Jonathan, I need to be able to reach all of you.'

'That sounds interesting, what are you going to do to me?'

'I spent some time in the Far East, It was a life changing experience for me, I learnt a very great deal there. I think we will both enjoy this.'

'I can't wait.'

'You must be relaxed and ready, we will take our time.'

'The look of you in that underwear is already working. You are very beautiful.'

'Thank you.'

Sam poured a little oil into her hands from a tube and began to knead my thighs. Her hair hanging in a rich deep brown curtain, revealing her high round breasts as her shoulders moved, surprisingly strong fingers probing my muscles.

'Relax, Jonathan it is important that you are not tense.'

'I thought you wanted me to be stiff?'

Looking at me with a wicked grin she took my penis in her hand and worked it in her fingers.

'We have a long way to go I think.'

Her experienced hands covered my groin with oil and she cupped my balls gently while also working the shaft. An oily finger or thumb circled my anus and I flinched slightly at the first sensation. Then I felt it probe inside and I began to harden under her fingers.

'That's an interesting feeling.'

Has no one ever done this for you?'

'No, never.'

'Do you want me to stop?'

'No, never.'

Sam laughed and a second, then a third lubricated finger eased into me. Touching, stretching me as she glided an oiled hand on my hardening flesh.

'Have you ever had a whole body massage?'

'Is that where you slide your body on mine and not just your hands?'

'Yes, would you like me to do that?'

It felt as though her whole fist was inside my ass, the tension was causing my back to arch.

'Very much.'

I heard Sam's shoes drop to the floor and there was some movement, presumably to shed her thong and then her cool skin and sharp breasts were gliding over me. She kissed my stomach, chest and gently bit my nipples as her slim hips slid between my thighs, spreading my legs, trapping my hardness between us against her stomach. Her belly jewel raked my glans causing me to hollow my stomach and push up my pelvis. Something nuzzled between my legs, butting gently at me.

'Are you OK with this, Jonathan?'

'Yes, I love the feel of you on me.'

Sam reached between us, grasped me the sensation making me suck in my belly and thrust up again. I felt a firm resilience probing open my anus stretching me as it slid to the first resistance. I looked at Sam's eyes and they were almost pleading. I smiled at her and said, 'This is different.'

There was a change in her face, a hunger.  I felt her body flex as her hips ground into mine. I couldn't help groaning as I felt a penetrating thickness slide deeply into me and my own hard organ and balls were squashed between our moving abdomens.

I ran my hands along Sam's shoulders and back, feeling the muscles flex and relax with each thrust. I had sometimes wondered what it felt like as a woman, to have a presence moving inside your body, intimately touching you inside and out. My hands slid over Sam's smooth hips and flanks as they thrust between my thighs. There was no strap or band, no underwear. Whatever was thrusting in me was not a toy or dildo it must be Sam. I didn't understand it properly but it felt good. We were joined and someone with whom I wanted to share myself was doing me as I had done them.

I looked up at Sam's face moving over mine, contorted with emotion and sexual pleasure.

'Fuck me Sam, fuck me and come inside me.'

Sam's hazel eyes flew open and looked into mine as the movements inside me became more rapid, uncontrolled. I was grunting with each push and a hand reached back down between us to pump me so that we both peaked together, shouting out in our ecstasy.

My spilled seed lubricated our sliding bellies as deep inside me an oddly cool sensation added to the mix as Sam spasmed, hips grinding against mine, ejaculating in shuddering, heaving waves.

We lay together, sticky, still joined, chests heaving, holding each other, afraid to break the moment.

I reached up with one hand and Sam flinched, cringing to one side, then relaxed as I gently stroked away a single tear from an alabaster cheek.

Sam moved slightly and kissed me deeply, wetly, then whispered quietly, full lips softly brushing my ear.

'I told you I was a surprise.'

'I have surprised myself, you took a risk?'

'You said things that made me feel special, cared for. Things worth taking risks for.'

'Let me just hold you awhile.'

In a linen closet very nearby a blue lazer was writing to a DVD, recording the black image of the towel that covered the lens focused on the bed. Desmond liked to have an edge in all his business dealings. The punishment would be severely painful but Sam would not be visibly marked. Desmond looked after his investments, the many men and women who appreciated Sam's special qualities would not accept or pay for damaged goods.

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What you see is n ot always what you get...sometimes there is a lot more...

'Who the hell are you, how did you get in?'

'I'm your surprise.'

'What does that mean, "your surprise"? What do you want?'

'Desmond sent me. He said I'm your reward for a job well done.' Slim fingers traced circles on my shirtfront, sharp nails raking my nipple through the thin white cotton.  My hotel suite key, the metal fob dangling from her hand, sparkled in the golden light from the scattered table lamps.

'Mr. Desmond takes too many liberties. I'm sorry, but you will have to leave.'

'Why are you sorry?'  

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