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Eyes Only

Millennia ago the portals were re opened and once more the creatures came through to our side from the Realm. They came to change us, to husband us and to feed from us. They came to repossess what they had lost.

 They came back to own us.

The Bargain was struck so that the Human Race would survive. The Mark Bearers stand between us and the ravages and depredation of the aliens. It is a heavy burden they carry, one which grows more difficult as their numbers shrink.

The SHAKKAN are hungry for more Orgone, far more than than the few remaining Marked ones can supply.

Nothing stays the same, everything changes.

You can discover more about the SHAKKAN, The Bargain, The Cult and just how the aliens feed on Orgone energy here.

The dossier  begins with stories passed down from more than ten millennia before present, as mankind recovered from the ravages of the last Ice Age.

First Mark and Other Episodes as published in the Anthology Lust by the Sea reveals many secrets.

Leonora, Marked by Daemons as published in the Anthology Lust on the Wing continues the unfolding of events that will forever change life on Earth as we know it.

The secrets become even more shocking and hard to bear, so much so that they cannot be published other than to a select few, those who can weather the storm of the truth.

Do you have the strength of mind to be one of those few?

If you think you can take it there will be further revelations over the coming months. You have been warned!

Welcome-Blog Feedback Audios E-Books Terms & Use

The SHAKKAN are the Shepherds and we are their flock

You can enter the Realm and discover for yourself more of what lies behind the world as you perceive it. Click on this image to take you there.