A share in this award for my sherlockian steam punk erotic story Dr watson Makes a House Call Lyrotica Anthology from Vagabondage Press includes my piece - An Italian Dinner for  Two Like Butterflies in Iron Anthology from Circlet Press including my piece Loel's Choice Carnal Machines IPPY Gold Award 2012: Includes my piece, Dr Watson Makes a House Call Kneel to Me Anthology from Circlet Press including my piece KATT KATT - SF D/s tale of love and tentacles Black Knight - The Series - Click for more Family - A Taboo Series - Click for more IN-Q-BS Teakettle: Loving Tentacles in a Hottub Ashae-Anthology of tales of our ownership by The Other Venus-and-Psyche: a Classical tale of lust and desire with a painting at its heart.  Sex can be monstrous and monsters can be driven by sex. The Price is not a collection of erotica for the feint hearted or romantics but it is for those adventurous souls able to enjoy sex to the full, even if it kills them! Loel's Choice; The Sidhe are so insatiable one can lose track of time... My Love of all that is bizarre from  Renaissance E-books including my piece The Adventure of the Empty Box Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes - Click for more Beach-Girl-Tales-Anthology of steamy stories told in the heat of the Greek sun The-Lake: A loving couple meet a sensual third...but not all is just simple sex Hold-Me-Anthology of some of my explorations in difference. Monique is frustrated, her older husband ignores her and she craves intimacy. A pre columbian sculpture has a strange effect on her and Monique goes on the prowl. She finds what she needs in Claudine who shares her frustrations and desire. Discovering the Venus in each other, intense pleasures and sweet, mutual release. Angels & Demons on the gorgeous Island of Crete
Hold Me The SHAKKAN Universe The Research Books Aphrodisiac Cafe Who Are You? Mid Evil Knight Dark Erotica Evolution Kisha World Izzy & The Squad Bucket of Love (Tentacles) What?  (Erotic Horror) Gilman Theorem (Erotic Horror) Mylitta's Guardian (Erotic Horror) Sanctum Sanctorum (BDSM Clubbing)

Readers Reviews

Casa de L’Amore - Hot! Hot! Hot! As usual Essemoh Teepee paints a beautiful picture filled with beautiful people and a delightfully dark sexuality. I'm checking flights to Greece... Raphael I'm on my way!! 5 Stars

The Beach Girl Tales - Delightful, sensual and beautiful!! I loved being caught between her fantasy and his reality. This writer always keeps me coming back for more... next story please! 5 Stars

Venus & Psyche - Ah... the mythology they don't teach in school! Beautifully written, imaginative, and more than a little arousing! Loved it... more please! 5 Stars

Teakettle - Steamy indeed! Richly inventive with a very unexpected twist… recommended! 5 Stars

Monique: The Venus - Erotic, sensual, romantic... bloody HOT!!! Eseemoh shows his amazing knowledge of female sexuality here. This is a wonderful read!! 5 Stars

The Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes: The Empty Box - Engaging mystery full of unexpected pleasures, plus delightful promise for future wicked fun! … Fun read - A. Conan Doyle would approve!  …This piece was great... a stoned Sherlock Holmes and a naughty Dr. Watson. Fun, suspenseful, sexy. This author has tackled everything from romance to sci-fi and hits the mark each time... you never know where he'll take you next! 5 Stars

Editorial Reviews for Carnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica

"This captivating collection has everything I look for in outstanding erotica; rich atmospheric settings, interesting, intelligent characters, well-crafted storylines, and the playful but always cerebrally surprising use of language."
Erotica for the Big Brain

"An inventive, sexy twist on an up-and-coming genre."
"Hot, Victorian repression being let loose on every page."
"Harnessing a young man's libido to power the house—brilliant."
Independent Publisher Awards Judges, 2012

"It is hard to review an anthology, because you might not like all the stories equally or all the authors equally enough to give a rating. However, I loved all the stories in this book, which uses modern technology in some form or other in each story. It may not be modern as we know it, but with the machines built for pleasure seeking Victorian era prudishness, we see Queen Victoria couldn’t hold back sensuality and sexuality as much as most people might have wished or believed. Carnal Machines is a great collection of stories, with widely varied ideas from widely varied authors. I think you will enjoy it."
Manic Readers

"It’s a really good fun, well written anthology which is completely different to anything I’ve ever read before. [...] if you’re looking for something sexy and very different, look no further. Carnal Machines is a decadent and unique read that’s well worth adding to your to be read list."
Lucy Felthouse for Erotica for All.co.uk

"So, if you're looking something sexy and very different, look no further. Carnal Machines is a decadent and unique read that's well worth adding to your to be read list."

"Carnal Machines is a wonderful exploration of erotica in the Steampunk genre. I've read a fair amount of Steampunk erotica and this book, edited by D L King, is one of the best out there. The stories all embody the genre perfectly. Each one shines as a glimpse into a Victorian world that might have been if things had gone just a wee bit differently and in some cases magically. The characters and worlds of the various authors pull you in so well it's a shock when the story ends. You don't want to let go, you want to continue on and find out what else happens in these worlds. As I mentioned, I've read a lot of Steampunk erotica and most fail to catch the feel or the atmosphere of the genre. Carnal Machines nails it, this is what Steampunk erotica should be. This is definitely a book for the keeper shelf and one to read over and over with your favorite Airship Pirate or Mad Scientist. This one gets a 5 and a recommended read."
Night Owl Reviews

"It would be easy to get lost in the devices of this ersatz era – they could so easily steal the show – but it is that the tales don’t do this that makes the collection shine. I’m a firm believer in the strength of narrative in erotica, and it’s obvious the authors in this anthology are cut from similar cloth. The devices are indeed carnal, but it’s the characters who take you there."
Erotica Revealed

"The possibilities for this time were limitless and I think the collaborator collected the best of the best. These stories are as varied in their subjects as they are arousing!"
Hedo Vibes

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