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God’s Gift

Mylitta has had a Special Friend since she was a little girl…

Little Girls often have invisible friends, sometimes they are not so invisible...

God’s Gift

Essemoh Teepee© 2017

“But I like him. He has good teeth and he makes me laugh.”

Hot breath stirred Mylitta’s hair and a deep rumble vibrated all through her. She had to focus hard on the meaning.

“You have way more teeth and they are sharper. Anyway, you don’t like any of the men I meet, you think they are all sananu. None of them are rivals, you are very special to me. Promise me you won’t hurt Oliver?” The feather light touch of leather on her naked skin sent a shiver down her spine. His answer and the subsonic undertone of his rich bass voice made her feel like she was melting, low down inside.

“You did so! Michael was scared to death after you had a few words with him” Mylitta injected sarcasm into her tone and went on, more wistful than hurt, “He never did call me back, not even to say goodbye.”

Multiple pinpricks on her inner thigh and one breast caused her to squirm in his embrace, arching her back in anticipation of the inevitable.

“I am going to have to trim your nails, no arguments. You cut me to ribbons that time in the park.” A sensation of chill, slipperiness slid between the cheeks of her ass, making her take a sharp breath. The placatory answer held a lighter tone, but still throbbed with a deep power to make her tremble.

“I know you never leave a mark, Sitri, but I can still feel it.” She sighed, “I feel everything you do to me.”

Mylitta made her body mimic his sinuous undulation, feeling the prickling against her skin as each tiny hair on him stood on end, telling of his arousal. Long fingers encircled her thighs, urging compliance as the voice became a deep, sensual pulse in her ear. The words were hard to make out, but she had a lifetime of practice.

Peta, irnini larubu anaku…

“I always love when you call me your ‘sweet smelling woman’, and you always ask to fuck me so prettily.” Mylitta allowed her thighs to spread wide as he had asked and arched her back even more to better angle her hips. Ebony wings enveloped her, blocking out the random flare of lights from passing night time traffic. Mylitta was filled so full that she groaned and let her head fall back onto a powerful shoulder. In the protective darkness, the immense control and strength of her lover made her feel at once a helpless plaything but also the only thing that mattered in the universe to him.

Powerful thrusting, stretching and filling, reached such intimate depths that ached every time he slid into her. Add the delicate stroking touch of his fingers at nipple and clit, and she was overwhelmed.  Mylitta could only writhe in his grip, crying out and gasping in rhythm with his penetration. That his talons could and sometimes did, shred delicate flesh was a delicious, scary tension that built on the growing pressure she could feel between her legs.

Mylitta could never hold out for long when it was like this, his complete attention, his total focus on her pleasure, was something that spoiled her for most of the efforts of other lovers. As her world began to shrink, growing black and indistinct at the edges with impending climax. She briefly thought it was unfair to compare, the others had not had so many years of practice.

The orgasm crashed over her. Every long muscle in her body trembled and it felt like she was exploding, blazing with light and twisting in gorgeous agony all at the same time. As her body convulsed and gripped him inside her, she heard his deeply satisfied growl and felt the pulse of his icy ejaculation. His spasm gave Mylitta even greater satisfaction as she faded into the glow of multiple aftershocks. This was so very good and the night was only just starting.


The paper coffee cup was burning her fingers as she manoeuvred through the glass doors, trying not to let her bags entangle each other.

“Morning Leeta, Oversleep?”

“Good Morning, William. How are the family, aren’t you going on leave soon? Somewhere nice?” Mylitta ignored his jibe about her lateness. She never liked people contracting her name and made a point of never doing it herself. Names are important, they have power.

“Next week. We are staying with the wife’s brother in the country, get away from the city stink.”

She breezed past his desk with, “Sign me in, will you? My hands are full.”

 “But there is a pile of messages for you…” Mylitta gave the doorman a half wave with her cup as she slipped into an elevator and punched her floor with the strained knuckles of her bag hand.

The coffee was hot and bitter on her tongue as the doors slid open. A wave of noise washed over her and she sighed. Her PA spotted her arrival and started towards her, grabbing a tablet from the desk.

“No fucking rest for the wicked…Good Morning, Janine, William told me you have some messages?”

“Your late. James is looking for you, it’s about the new charity account. AproCom want sight of the revised copy and Doug in visuals has a new layout for your approval and wants you to go down to the studio…”

Mylitta made it to her office, PA in tow, dumped her bags and gulped some more scalding coffee. Drawing a deep breath, she slumped into her chair and replied.

“The Apro copy is in their Dropbox, Douglas just wants to try and grope me again and tell James I will be there in ten.” There was an ache, deep down inside that had been with her since she woke. Remembering why it was there made her smile for the first time that day.


The Jiaozi and Sui Maai were luscious with angel hair noodles just the right side of spicy. Mylitta usually avoided working lunches, but James Masters knew she had a weak spot for Dim Sum.

“Mylie is our best Account Executive, Mr Gyver.”

“Nathanial, please…”

“…She handles our largest clients, and they love her moves.”

Mylitta detested the way James always tried to work in double entendre. He thought it was clever and it was even worse away from the clients.

“Nathaniel, could you tell me a little more about the Church?”

“It’s not strictly a church, per se, Ms Attar, more a charitable arm of a religious foundation.”

“Please call me Mylitta, we are likely to be working together on the account?”

“Mylie will work very closely with you, Nate, she will be all over it, twenty-four seven.”

Nathanial ignored James and looked only at Mylitta. “Yes, I have been tasked with the project, so we will need to be in touch often, at least for the first few weeks until everything is resolved. I am staying here in the city until then, here is my card, Mylitta.” She reached out and took it.

“I personally guarantee that Mylie will be in as much touch as you want, Nate.”

Mylitta looked up from her fingers, a puzzled look turning to a dark frown as she glared at James, wishing he would spontaneously combust. Then she tried to have kindlier thoughts as she fumbled in her bag. Her wishes could be tricky things.

“Here is my card, Nathanial, I will call before the end of the day and set up a meeting.”


Mylitta stared out of the cab windows on the way back to their office, hunched up so as not to touch her boss.

“You can be such an asshole, James.”


“You know what I mean, don’t play the pimp with clients, it’s getting very old.”

“Nate Goody Two Shoes has a hard on for you, Mylie. Don’t knock it, play to your strengths and work him. They are a potentially big account, and I know you like ‘em big.”

“Shut the fuck up, James!”

“Just saying.”


The pillows were concrete and her mattress a sack of rubble. Mylitta turned over yet again to try and find a comfortable position. The day had been a problem. Overslept because of an exhausting late night before, spinning in the office to catch up but never quite making it. James fucking Masters being his usual pain in the backside and then there was Nathanial Gyver.

Mylitta splayed her fingers in the dim light from the window to stare at them. She imagined she still felt the electric sparks in their tips from touching his hand. It was not as though she had never felt that sensation before, just it was…unexpected, out of context. Nathanial gave no sign he had felt anything. She had questions, but the only one who might have any answers had left her last night, blissed out in a tangle of soaked bedsheets and was not due to reappear for a day or so. Perhaps tomorrow’s meeting might yield some clues.

Sleep was agonisingly slow in coming. A call to Oliver had gone unanswered, just his voicemail with a message that he was out of town on business. Mylitta had really wanted to have him visit tonight. Despite the work out of the previous evening, she was feeling in need of some ordinary intimacy, a warm body to snuggle with and a little slow mutual exploration.

In her mind’s eye Mylitta brought Oliver to her, his sparkling eyes and rich laugh made her tingle. James’ poor taste joke in the cab annoyed her more for being accurate than anything. She did enjoy some girth in her partners. She liked the feeling of them being just a little too big for her. To be stretched by a lover was a special pleasure and Oliver delivered.

Fingers stroked down her tummy as Mylitta recalled just how the man felt inside her. It was no surprise to discover how wet she was, that was never a problem. Most of her lovers took great pleasure in her response to orgasm. Only one had reacted badly, clearly never having been with a squirter before. She chuckled at that memory and writhed slowly under the sheets as her fingers plunged into her soft heat, stroking, stretching and feeling the sensual textures.

Her back was arched, only shoulders and heels in contact with the bed, every muscle tense and her breath in short, rapid gasps. A breast and nipple crushed by one hand, her other with soaked and deeply buried fingers as she reached the brink of coming. That it was no longer Oliver’s face she saw but Nathanial’s eyes gazing into hers only partially registered as the flood of orgasm claimed her.


They were alone in the Board room, James was out at yet another long lunch and Mylitta didn’t need Janine to ghost her notes. Nathanial was crisp in a pale blue tab collar shirt with a dark burgundy tie under a dark grey two-piece suit. His shoes gleamed over smooth dark grey socks. Mylitta realised she must have given him ‘the scan’, something she had always accused her mother of. She grew a little flustered, noticing he had started to speak but nothing had registered.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch what you said…”

“Your name, Mylitta Attar, is unusual, I looked it up. It’s a very old name, early Persian?”

“My mother,” strange how she had already been on her thoughts, “always said it was Babylonian.”

“Forgive me but your looks are not middle eastern?”

“I get that a lot, my father was Irish. In my family, we take our name from the maternal side. Some people find that odd, but in any event my father was …not around much. I get my red hair and freckles from him.”

“But your eyes from your mother…”

Mylitta found him staring at her and their eyes locked, his were so very pale blue, in contrast to his dark chestnut, almost black hair. If he only knew what else my mother gave me…

“Your name is not so common, I looked it up as well.” Mylitta felt a lurch in her tummy as he laughed, he has great teeth too. Uptick.

“Gyver is very old English, positively medieval. I’m from old Puritan stock. My parents thought it was amusing to match my names.”

“They both mean Gift from God!” Mylitta blurted before she could think better of letting him know she was that interested.

“You can imagine that I got a lot of ribbing being ‘God’s Gift’.” He smiled, but she saw something in his eyes that held a little pain.

“Unlike James, who just thinks he is…” she said.

This time his laugh was a deep chuckle that she found infectious, and laughed with him. And he makes me laugh. Uptick.


Mylitta looked in the long mirror, turning left and right to examine the smooth fit of her dress. There were at least five others, discarded across the bed in a heap. This one made her feel good when wearing it, only problem it was so slinky it was impossible to wear anything under it and keep the lines she wanted.

Mylitta looked back at her reflection and raised an eyebrow. What am I so worked up about, this is not a date for God’s sake. He is a stranger to the city, all he asked was if I knew any good places to eat. Then he went and picked my favourite from the list and asked me to join him as he doesn’t like eating alone. It’s no big deal.

“Very smooth.” James had said, when she mentioned it. “Slick. I didn’t think that God botherer had it in him. Watch yourself, Mylie, he’ll be casting out your demons before you know it.”

“Fuck off and die, James” was her considered response.


In the cab on the way to the restaurant, Mylitta had twice changed her mind about the dress.

I look desperate, it’s too much. He’ll think I’m coming on to him. And, it’s a big commission, James said so. I want to be professional and in control. She was not entirely sure which had won out as she walked into the dining room and saw Nathanial in one corner. She stifled the urge to wave at him, in favour of the professional and in control option. Approaching his seated back she leant over him and said,

“Good evening, Nathanial.” He jumped a little, startled and turned in his seat. His shoulder brushed across her chest, making her gasp in turn, self-conscious of her nipples hardening at the touch.

“Oh! Hello Mylitta,” then, after watching his eyes first widen then crawl over her briefly as he scrambled to his feet, she accepted his compliment with a smile. “You look wonderful, quite…wonderful.” She wondered what he might have wanted to say but didn’t. It was at that moment she decided. Fuck being professional, I’m going to have this gorgeous man.

Sitting down, she made sure that she leant far enough forward for the dress to do its job. Catching his eyes before they moved back to meet hers, made her smile inside, remembering the passionate vision of the night before. Men can be so simple.

The conversation was light and surprisingly easy, carrying them through the first couple of courses. He told a few good tales about working for the Foundation, nothing too schmaltzy but funny and full of humanity. Then she asked about his family, already having researched him and knowing he was unmarried. It was his words that told her he was deeper than she had thought.

“My parents are gone, they did everything to help me be who I am. I know they felt sad that I had not married but they also knew it was because I hadn’t found the person I wanted to be with, someone to complete as much as complete me.” He looked across the room for a moment and then back before asking.

 “What about you, Mylitta Attar are you the perfumed mother of children? You certainly smell sweetly enough.”

Mylitta was startled at first, those words! And surprised that he understood her name in such detail, the internet is a great source of useless knowledge.

“No, I have yet to marry and I have never borne children.” She tried to deflect him and asked in return, “Do you have any siblings?”

“I had an elder brother but he was killed.” Mylitta saw the flicker of sadness again.

“I’m sorry, that is sad.”

“Yes, we were close when I was growing up, he was my sort of…protector.”

“There are only girls in my family and I am an only child.”

“That can be lonely?”

“I have always had…someone around to look out for me. I have never been lonely and always felt…protected. I can’t imagine what it must be like to not have that.” Mylitta didn’t know quite why she reached out and took his hand, it was an intimate gesture but it seemed right somehow. The vibrant pulse that throbbed up her arm to her chest made her squeal and snatch back her fingers as though singed, almost upsetting her wine glass. Her breasts pushing at her dress, in danger of a wardrobe malfunction as she breathed hard, a little in shock.

Nathanial half got up with a look of concern, “Are you Okay? What is it?”

“Didn’t you feel it?”

“Feel what?”

Mylitta had no idea what she was going to say next. Her mother had long ago explained that this would happen, one day. It was just that after all the men she had dated, she had settled into thinking it might never happen to her.

“The, uh, the… static. Static electricity. When I touched you. It must be my shoes, or the carpet or the weather.” Struggling to get the words out she could see his puzzled look and asked. “You didn’t feel anything?”

“Are you sure you are alright, Mylitta, can I get you anything?”

“I’m fine, really I am, but perhaps you could take me home?”


The silence in the cab had been awkward. Mylitta felt crushed, it had all been going so well. Then it was the doorstep moment. Mylitta was conflicted yet again, she really wanted Nathanial but she was also scared. The potential of what might develop between them could be more than she could handle, and he didn’t have a clue what to do.

“Will you be alright, Mylitta, you are trembling, are you unwell?”

“Perhaps…perhaps, if you could come up to the apartment?”

“Of course, here, let me help you…”

“No! Don’t touch me…”

Mylitta saw the hurt and puzzlement in his expression as he drew back, saying.

“Of course, please do not be alarmed.”

The very last thing she wanted was for Nathanial not to touch her, but it would get out of hand very quickly and the entrance to her apartment block was not the best location.

She fumbled her keys and dropped them at her door, hurriedly stepping back as Nathanial stooped to pick them up. Looking even more puzzled, he unlocked the door and stood aside for her to step inside. He stayed at the threshold holding out her keys.

“I’ll say good night, Mylitta, I hope you feel better in the morning.” The disappointment in his voice and eyes was very clear.

She reached for him and drew him inside, pushing the door closed with one foot while wrapping a hand around his head, drawing him down to kiss her. Mylitta felt fireworks going off inside her head. She was vibrating in every cell as she dragged at his tie and fumbled with the buttons of his shirt. Foiled by the tab under his tie, she slid both hands under his jacket, around his waist and covered his mouth with hers, her tongue probing to find his, grinding her hips hard against him. The buzzing in her head grew to be almost deafening. God, she wanted to fuck him so badly.

Nathanial managed to reach her shoulders and gently ease her back to stare at her flushed face. Mylitta saw a mixture of arousal and puzzlement there as he asked.

“Is everything Okay. Are you sure about this?”

In answer, Mylitta reached behind and unzipped her dress, shrugging her shoulders and writhing her hips to help it slide off her shoulders and onto the floor. Stepping out of the silky pool to stand in just hold ups and heels, she reached for Nathanial’s hands, drawing them to her breasts. Her aching hard nipples dragged at his palms as she reached for his head. This time he kissed her back.


Mylitta curled her fingers in Nathanial’s hair and arched her back, pushing her hips up to meet his mouth. His tongue lapped at her there, each stroke an electric shock that blazed straight to her core. Getting to the bed was a blurred recollection of popped buttons, torn shirt and stuck zipper. Mylitta clutched his head tightly as his lips suckled on her clit, her breathing stopped as sharp teeth grazed nerve endings. The feel of his sock between her teeth as she had dragged it from his foot was an incongruous flashback as his fingers slid between her buttocks and explored her ass.

Nathanial slid his hands to her ankles and drew her feet onto his shoulders. Kissing up her body he took her legs with him, opening her up to his cock. The first stretching, pushing, thrusting entry brought Mylitta to a climax that made the room fade. A mist that cleared in waves with each further penetrating stroke. She grasped at his waist, pulling him into her, urging him on, demanding he fill her completely. Frantic mouths locked together, tongues replicating lower movements, breath mingling, shared, hot, urgent, demanding release. Mylitta squeezed him, resisting each entry to feel him all the better. Every thick stroke, hard, faster until she felt tension in his thighs slamming into her. His back arched under her hands, then his low groan and the feel of him pulsing deep within her.

The shock of his ejaculation was a fizzing, sparkling heat deep in her centre. It made her scream out, buck against his still pumping hips and gush in release. Her flood did not quench the burning inside her, the pleasure pain felt so very good, so right.

“Fuck!” his voice was low, almost a sigh.

“That, felt, so, good, ‘thanial.” Mylitta’s words were gasped, separate, tremulous.

“Did I hurt you! I lost it a little, we went at it…”

“It was perfect, I came so hard.”

“I sort of guessed that…” Nathanial moved his legs and said, “I’m kneeling in a puddle,” He nuzzled a nipple and murmured, “you didn’t fake it, anyway.”

She giggled and wriggled her hips around his cock still inside her.

“Should I have warned you about that?”

“No. I like wet surprises.” Nathan kissed her neck and whispered in her ear, making her shiver, “I wonder if you could do it again?”

“We can try…”


Mylitta fitted the key into her apartment door and pushed it open with a long sigh. It had been a difficult day and she was dog tired. Not getting a full night’s sleep hadn’t helped but it had been a lot of fun. Every time she bent one way reminded her of how Nathanial had felt inside her. She had wanted him to stay over, but he had a very early meeting and needed to be at his hotel. He had also said,

“Besides, sleeping over is the most intimate thing we could do and this was a first date. I want to save something for next time.”

She smiled at that thought and kicked her heels off into the hall corner, putting them away could wait. James had been insufferable from the get go.

“Mylie, Mylie, Mylie. Look at you, if I am not mistaken, and I rarely am, you got some last night. I can tell by the way you walk.”

“Fuck you, James. For your information, I get laid most every night.”

“That may be, Mylikins, but you got it hard and nasty last night. You are positively limping.”

“Whatever! You’re an asshole, but I’ll recover.” If he only knew just how it was sometimes. But the truth was sex with Nathanial had been different. She had spent the rest of the day researching Nathanial’s foundation and the communication charity the agency would be promoting. It all seemed very promising, not at all what she had thought. Rather than religious extremism it was about tolerance and inclusion, they even had Atheists on the Board of Trustees. Perhaps he might not want to burn her at the stake once knew a little more about her.  

Mylitta paused to sniff the air and knew he had returned. He would never be very clear about where he went, just ‘elsewhere’. It was the faint acrid odour that gave him away, that faded after a while. She started to undress in the hall, slipping out of her work suit and silk blouse, it was easier on her wardrobe that way. He was always…eager after they had been apart.

Pushing open the bedroom door she couldn’t help tensing at the flurry and flapping it caused, the little scream was involuntary as strong hands and coiling tail grabbed her and dragged her inside. Black lace confetti whirled around her as she was thrust firmly but not harshly, against the wall. Her thought was that she should have known better than to leave her underwear on.

She manged to say, “Hello, Sitri, did you mis…” before her mouth was filled and she felt him moving against her. He had been a presence in her life since she could first remember playing with her toes in her cot. Those intense eyes that could terrify others, she always saw as gentle. Razor sharp talons tipping gnarled, leathery fingers, while they had slashed and drawn her blood, were tender and oh so knowing now she was older and their relationship had changed. Once her watcher and protector, her Nasaru, now she was his Sekretu, his mate.

His long tongue slid against hers, his breath in her nose was spiced and hot. Mylitta gave herself up to the moment, responding through memory of past passions and in reaction to swallowing his essence. He could drag her to arousal even when she was exhausted. Her wrists in his hands were spread wide above her shoulders, pinned to the wall, the wind from his flapping wings caressed her torso and chilled her already hard nipples.

His feet were like hands and long toes wrapped around her ankles, opening her legs in readiness. The tingling he made her feel wherever he touched her skin was a reminder of Nathanial. That was her last thought before his long muscular tail entered her ass and her body arched towards him, ready for his penetration. When he entered her, Mylitta shuddered with pleasure, stretched and filled in this way was beyond compare. Sitri took her completely, utterly. His consuming passion and demanding body drew her to the pinnacle of release time after time. Mylitta could never recall how many times she came when they fucked. All she knew was the next day she would glow from so many orgasms and have a little difficulty walking for a while.

Curled up together on her bed, wrapped in his wings and limbs, Mylitta felt totally safe and protected. It was like being small again but for the sensations inside her that were very grown up. She ached in a good way that only came from having had a thick cock there.

“I have something to tell you, don’t snooze on me, Sitri, listen” A low rumble told her at least he wasn’t asleep. His ribbed tail idly slid up and down her thigh, the tip flicking at her labia.

“I’ve met someone…” again the rumble, indistinct words...

“You tasted him on me? Why didn’t you say something?” His body moved slowly, long back arching, stretching hands and feet wide, talons glinting in the dim light. Mylitta heard his tone change.

“No, not Arramu, I don’t love him, I think he is very nice. But he makes me tingle, like you.”

Sitri’s head slid over her shoulder and two large eyes stared into hers. Nictitating lids very slowly slid across and back. A puff of spiced air made her blink.

Damu Isrukam. Maru.”

“I don’t know yet, Sitri. He makes me feel… just as my Ummum said he would. Perhaps he is the one? The one to give you the gift of a son.” The creature continued to stare into Mylitta’s eyes, but now she thought there was a small flame in their deep darkness.

“It could be tricky, he will probably see you as Dalkhu, Demon or Devil. He’s religious…”

Isrukam zeru. Gishtil.”

“It could be he is compatible. I will try and make it happen.”


“I know, I know. Now quiet. I have to be up early in the morning.”


Nathanial read the text during his second meeting of the day and couldn’t help smiling. Mylitta wanted to meet up again! She wanted to see him at his hotel, tonight. The rest of the day seemed to crawl, he kept remembering how she felt, tasted and looked. He was sure that several of his decisions were not the best but didn’t really care. All that mattered was he would see her tonight.

Mylitta left work early to dress for the occasion. She wanted Nathanial to be distracted but it was a fine line between hot and obviously horny. There were also the circumstances of their meeting to be considered. How might Nathanial react to the full understanding of her position, and the part he was to play. She did think that it might be helpful if he was a little drunk first. Then thought how would she feel if it were the other way around. No, there had to be full consent in this even at the risk of rejection.

This was the first time she had ever had to explain things. Things that were bordering on the unbelievable. She had grown up with the knowledge of what had to happen, ever since she could remember the people and creatures around her had just been…there.

  The arch look from the hotel receptionist suggested that she might have erred a little on the horny side for her outfit and Mylitta attempted to drag her hem down a fraction and cover her cleavage a little more in the lift on the way up. Well, it’s too late now to back out.

Nathanial’s smile was welcoming and warm as he offered her something to drink and asked, “I have booked a table here, the food is passable or we could go somewhere else if you prefer?”

“Could we talk, first?” Mylitta saw his expression falter at her words, they usually meant nothing good. He poured a drink for himself and sat on the chair away from the sofa and her as she went on, “I like you a lot, Nathanial, it’s just…” Damn, this was not going at all well. He was looking down into his drink. No doubt already anticipating her next words as rejection, the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’, mantra. She decided to hit him with it.

“I want you to give me a baby.” As she watched his eyes bulge and his chest convulse it was no surprise when the single malt came back out as a spray.

“Let me explain.” He was struggling to stop coughing and mopped at the spilt drink with a tissue from a box on the desk.

“I have a sort of…arrangement with a very old friend. They can’t have children of their own. It’s a genetic thing. I promised them I would be a …surrogate, I suppose you could say.”

“I See.” Nathanial managed to croak, still spluttering from inhaling alcohol.

“But it’s not straightforward. There has to be a compatible father, another genetic thing, otherwise it can’t happen.”

Nathanial was staring at her, still mopping at the spilt drink, though it was absorbed by now. He said, “Why me?”

“Because you are the one. You make me tingle all over and I like you, I like you a lot.”

“There has to be more to it than that, I mean I would be a father, and…”

“There would be no expectations of you, no obligations.” Mylitta rummaged in her small bag, “I have draft papers that clear you of all liability and resp…”

Nathanial rose and reached for her hands, stopping her.

“I mean I would be a father to our child…with you…” He smiled down at her, “We would be doing something very special together.”

Mylitta thought, you don’t know just how special, but said, “If you really don’t want to, with me, I understand.”

“I suddenly realise that I want it very much, it’s just a little…sudden.”

Mylitta took a deep breath, “Do you, Nathanial Gyver, want to make a child with me, Mylitta Attar?”

“Why so formal, can’t we discuss this a little more?”

“Do you, or don’t you?”

The silence stretched out, to Mylitta it seemed like hours before she saw Nathanial square his shoulders and look up.

“I do.”

Mylitta couldn’t help a tiny whimper escape her lips and she thought she heard a stirring from the bedroom, the temperature in the room had suddenly dropped. She quickly said,

“Give a me a minute then join me, please?” Nathanial nodded and admired the sway of her hips as she disappeared through the bedroom door. Swirling his drink, he stared into the bottom of the glass.

“Fuck me, I thought we were going to have dinner.”

Nathanial waited patiently through the interminable sixty seconds and opened the door.

Mylitta stood nude before him, long red hair cascading in a waterfall of ringlets over her shoulders and chest, almost obscuring firm breasts and hard pink nipples. The inward curve of her waist, flare of her hips and long slender legs to wide planted feet were a vision that made his heart skip a beat. What made his breath freeze in his chest was the nightmare shape standing behind her. Leathery wings spread to almost fill the room, blazing eyes in a narrow face and a mouth overfilled with sharp teeth, were impossible to process. Worse were the midnight clawed fingers, possessively placed on her hip and inner thigh, Mylitta’s own hands covering them, accepting the intimate touch. Glittering talons curled around her delicate flesh in a lover’s embrace.

“Come to us, Nathanial.”  Mylitta’s voice was clear, pure in his ears, but the coiling tongue caressing her neck was all he saw, his own pounding heartbeat threatening to burst through his ribs.

Nathanial wanted to attack the foul thing defiling Mylitta, yet his bowels felt like they could betray him any second. The creature rose into the air with a powerful beat of impossible wings, diving over Mylitta to engulf him in a flurry of claws and cold black leather. He wanted to scream, to beat at the thing with fists and feet. But he was gripped, controlled and his mouth filled with a slick, icy presence, coiling and twisting down his throat until he thought he would suffocate, desperately swallowing the spicy fluid that threatened to drown him. The ice became fire, pulsing and throbbing all through his body. A vibration that shifted his perceptions and seemed to touch something primal, base, deep. He felt his cock stiffen get harder than he had ever felt and all thought left him other than desire, need, want.

Nathanial did not notice how he lost his clothes, afterwards he couldn’t recall if he undressed or if he was stripped. Mylitta filled his perception, her warm, soft body under him, her breasts crushed against his chest, her thighs around his hips and her eyes swallowing him down into their depths.

Mylitta writhed under Nathanial as he moved on her, thrusting deeper with each urgent arch of his back and push of his hips. She could feel him so big inside her, stretching her as no other human lover had before. She clung to him, arms wrapped around his shoulders, ankles crossed in the small of his back and urged him on with every grind of her hips.

Darkness came as great wings covered them both, hard fingers pressed her shoulders to the bed and a tail coiled around one leg, detaching it from her grip on Nathanial, spreading and opening her. Nathanial felt the creature’s weight on his back, a terrible presence, yet he was not fearful. The burning in his throat and belly had spread to every extremity. His focus was to possesses Mylitta, to fuck her as hard as he could, to lose himself deep within her warm softness. The cold coiling on his thigh and then between his legs was a peripheral sensation until he felt his ass penetrated and a cold thickness now moved within him.

Nathanial was thrusting ever faster as Mylitta eyes, heavy lidded with arousal urged him to greater effort. The stroking in his ass only added to his urgency. The massaging pressure of the creature’s tail sent a delicious ache up through him that made all his muscles clench. He felt Mylitta respond under him, squeezing his cock, every sliding entry more intense until his breathing stopped, hips slammed hard against her, his back arching as everything faded into an eruption of pleasure.

Mylitta felt Nathanial’s shuddering climax and gripped him tighter, wanting to engulf him and keep him in her, but knowing as he ejaculated it was time to receive another. Nathanial’s limp form slipped to one side and she groaned with the loss as he slid from within her, only to moan and writhe as Sitri covered her and took her.

Her Nasaru, her protector from birth was now Kima parsi labiruti, following the ancient rites. She was his Igisum, his Sekretu, his gift and lover. Ana eru, gishtil, isruk maru, Inanna. She was his to impregnate, to bear him a son, if The Lady willed.

Sitri mounted her, his thickness even greater with his need and arousal, stretching her body to near breaking. Mylitta willingly took him all, as was her place within this millennia old scene, just as her mother and grandmother and all the others of her lineage through history. She reached for his shoulders to feel the base of his wings as they beat in rhythm with his thrusting. Mylitta could tell that he was getting close, they had fucked nearly every day since she was of age and she knew him intimately. That knowing was now bittersweet.

It was chromosomal. She was a carrier, Nathanial was compatible. The addition of Sitri’s ejaculate would add the final piece of the genetic jigsaw. Mylitta, arched under Sitri, his every thrust hitting her most intimate places, drawing her towards climax. She wanted to savour this last time.

Mylitta knew she would be pregnant from this mating, it was how it worked, but the genetic dice had to be rolled. If it was a male child then it would be like Sitri, it was how the beings reproduced. If the baby was a girl, she would be human and like her, a carrier.

Mylitta felt Sitri nearing a peak, his wing beats and thrusting were now faster than she could ever recall. Talons bit into her shoulders, piercing skin and drawing blood. The injuries would heal quickly, they always did. Sitri’s deep bellow of satisfaction vibrated the entire room, shaking everything that was not fixed. Icy Zeru gushed into her to mix with Nathanial’s seed and she came so hard that blackness engulfed her.


Mylitta was the first to wake. Nathanial’s arm was heavy across her waist and the sheets were soaked beneath her bottom. She ached all over and her shoulders stung when she moved. Dried blood came away on her fingertips and she smiled into the darkness.

Nathanial could be persuaded that it had been a nightmare. He would return to his work in another city and they might keep in touch, or not. Mylitta looked over at his tousled head on the pillow. He had a nice smile and made her laugh. That might be enough but she thought that it was time to get serious.

Things would change for her now. Her fingers stroked her flat tummy. Soon that would change too. If it was male, well that would be the end of it. If it was a girl… Mylitta thought of her mother, bringing her up on her own, a father never in the picture. There had been men, kind men, but no-one permanent. It must have been hard for her mother, Mylitta thought, to no longer have the attention of Sitri. Knowing that for a while her daughter would be protected and utterly safe from all harm, but that this was in the future.


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