This is a new series of audio experiences where you get to spend a very sensual day with me, Essemoh Teepee. You experience a new part of the day with me every week, starting with us waking up together just before we have to get up. What shall we do? 

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It's finally time to get up, we have a whole day ahead of us and I have so much planned. A short teaser to whet your appetites. Patrons get to devour the whole episode, due for release soon…

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It has already been a very full day... and it's time we had some sustenance to give us energy for what is to come.

I make you some breakfast but there is more than scrambled eggs and toast on the menu. This is a little appetizer, Patrons get to luxuriate in the full delicious experience. If you would like to eat your fill eith me then help me keep creating these experiences and become a Patron

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Well the first three hours of our day have been pretty full so far! This fourth hour is just a car trip to the store, so what can happen, right? 

You happen! You get very naughty indeed and we get ... delayed.

Patrons get to hear ... everything, are you jealous?

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There are 18 audios, one for each of the Day’s hours.

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