There are 18 audios; one for each of the Day’s hours.

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#30DayOrgasmFun is the love child of an active erotic mind and the soul of a sex positive campaigner, Tabitha Rayne. Tabitha says of the initiative “ I wanted to see if by prescribing myself some ‘me’ time, I could release enough endorphins to reconnect my mind, body and soul”.

Well that is something I am familiar with from the work of Directed Erotic Visualisation© so it was no surprise that in the last few years this campaign has gained support and many followers.

Tabitha goes on to say that seeking to have an Orgasm a Day for a month, “ …was hard at first and I didn’t manage every day, but I did eventually feel better about myself. My mood lifted and I felt ready for the world anew”.

I think that this is just the way we should be going, to work with what we have within ourselves and become what we desire most, to become well, sensually self aware, confident and feeling amazing.

So, in the spirit of community and Women's well being, this is my contribution to the #30DayOrgasmFun event. Every day for a month on Patreon I  posted a prompt, a teaser, an erotic audio experience, something to help you get to where you want to be. This was so popular that I later posted them all with some new additions to Literotica.

These are a few of the responses:

Day 6:I was squirming the entire day when I saw the new upload. Punishing myself to wait and dear God it was worth it. [ you continued], a second orgasm rolled through without me even doing anything. That was totally unexpected and I was whimpering and gasping as everything went black. No man ever made me as wet and cum as hard…

Day 7:Just finished Day 7, and I loved that little denial/tease you threw in when you said, "Should I count". As per command I did cum, VERY hard and multiple times I must add; toe curling, back arching, sheet grabbing orgasms.

I go crazy when you encourage, praise and command...all rational thought goes flying out the door.’

Day 10:Do you know how hard it is to type while shaking in post orgasmic bliss while still feeling your internal muscles spasm and quiver.?  …Do you know what it feels like to be soooo frustrated all day and when you get home you strip, already soaked with the idea of what's to come?

You made me squirt, only the second time in my life and ohhh god it feels amazing. God, I felt that audio was made just for me; the teasing, the praise and the counting had me nearly screaming at only 3 minutes in. Your voice is the only thing that seems to be able to control the wild desire inside me.’

Day 14:Oohhh Fuck! ...then the counting started. That is when all reality, all worries and problems were non- existing. I just had to cum, there was only the feeling of intense blinding pleasure. Almost like cumming but not quite yet, then that last number and all I saw was stars, I had to turn my head into a pillow not to scream as I kept the pace and squirted, shaking and writhing in pure unbounded pleasure. But ohh no, you were not done with me yet....God, I couldn’t take more counting, yet somehow your words restrained my from just fucking myself into oblivion. At that point I didn't care who saw me, heard me or found me. All I wanted was to cum. To please You. To obey you. Then I exploded into a thousand pieces squirting, arching, shaking and never missing a single stroke or rub, no matter how badly my arms were [aching] in protest. Even after the audio ended I was still panting, coming down from whatever heaven you have sent me to. 

Still I lie here, heart beating like a running horse and quivering with little spasms and aftershocks knowing that YOU were the one that just did that to me. You upped the ante.... I fucking loved it.

Day 19: '...when the audio started...I was so wet the arousal started to pool on my sheets...when the first orgasm hit I could no longer hold back...moaning, back arching, squirting...'

These Daily Orgasm prompts do not suit everyone, but why not try for yourself…what do you have to lose?

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This is a series of audio experiences where you get to spend a very sensual day with me, Essemoh Teepee. You experience a new part of the day with me every session, starting with us waking up together just before we have to get up. What shall we do? 

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It's finally time to get up, we have a whole day ahead of us and I have so much planned. A short teaser to whet your appetites. Patrons get to devour the whole episode, due for release soon…

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It has already been a very full day... and it's time we had some sustenance to give us energy for what is to come.

I make you some breakfast but there is more than scrambled eggs and toast on the menu. This is a little appetizer, Patrons get to luxuriate in the full delicious experience. If you would like to eat your fill eith me then help me keep creating these experiences and become a Patron

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Well the first three hours of our day have been pretty full so far! This fourth hour is just a car trip to the store, so what can happen, right? 

You happen! You get very naughty indeed and we get ... delayed.

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