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Any Last Words?
Posted by: essemoh.

Sounds ominous…

It can be a challenge to be a writer and creator in the erotic arts. Even in these times when one can be free to express one's feelings and love for another, in most cultures there is still prejudice and disapproval of anything that may have the intent to arouse and sensually entertain.  It is a long term gripe amongst those involved in the erotic field that all media are free to depict aggression, blood, gore, terror and violent death in its most extreme form and it is considered acceptable, clever and mainstream. Yet to describe or display passionate sex and climax in any detail is to be deplored, censored and excluded.

I was listening to an interview with Ridley Scott about his way of working, story boarding in detail every element of his movies. In particular was a discussion about the iconic 'Chest Busting' concept. The comparison drawn was between the scene from the first 'Alien' movie in 1979, involving the late John Hurt (he died in 2017 aged 77) and a similar scene from the movie, Alien Covenant. It focused on how to be as realistic as possible in depicting the violent death by rupture from within of a human being. Blood, guts, hydraulic pistons and exploding backbones were lovingly described. Yet I recall the disapproval voiced by many, of the scenes from the 1979 movie where the character Ellen Ripley, played by the delectable Sigourney Weaver, was hiding from the Creature wearing not much more than tiny white panties and a torn shirt.

Then there is the filmic cliché of the slasher movie plot that has the naughty teenagers, who are making out and exploring their sexuality, being dispatched by the Beast in suitably inventive and gory fashion. Sex is horribly bad but foul murder and dismemberment it seems, is quite acceptable.

Amazon has its 'Dungeon' where erotic fiction is hidden away to languish out of the public gaze. Audible (an Amazon company) likewise makes it lamentably difficult to search for erotic audio products, lest they pervert and debouch the wider population. YouTube ‘kills’ channels without prior warning if they consider the content to be 'titillating' or 'designed to arouse'. Even Patreon, following major investment from venture capitalists, formerly a bastion of free artistic expression will unilaterally suspend accounts until every last vestige of ‘naughty’ posts have been safely placed behind an ‘Adult’ Patrons only pay wall. [Even  closing accounts without a warning] There are many, many other examples of this assault on those of us who create in the erotic arts. The hypocrisy oozes all over the weasel worded TOS. It also makes it harder and harder to try and support the work we do in a professional manner.

Publishers, Alternatepress Limited and its subsidiary, eSensual Books, were founded in 2012 to be an antidote, for want of a better word, to this oppression. The e-commerce site has gone from strength to strength under the Executive Direction of multi published author and audio producer, Genevieve Ash, growing year on year, offering fans a guarantee of quality erotic audio and stories that suit all tastes.

The Publishers welcomed many new voices to the team producing exciting and arousing content for listeners' satisfaction. This is all good and pleasing to associates at The Manor responsible for the hard work that made the eSensual Group a success.

However, AlternatePress Limited and eSensual Books are full service publishers, having contractual arrangements with payment processors, banks, Amazon, Smashwords and Audible amongst others. This means, to some extent, even they have to abide by the restrictions that these associations impose.

(One of the worst, PayPal, has a pathological aversion to anything 'adult', and their high handed actions confiscating other people's money, even charitable donations, without recourse or appeal is utterly unacceptable!)

The 'rules' mean that content cannot be 'too extreme', covers and blurb have to be 'tasteful', as well as an increasingly long list of do's and don'ts. That is the price of being in business. eSensual Books pushes at the boundaries wherever possible and the Triple XXX audio content is one example, but even this has limits.

Another frustration is the issue of long term tech support in a world where the 'new' is king and queen. Apps come and go, software companies stop supporting products, not because they no longer function, but because they can make more money by selling the same people something ‘New’.

So why the rant and whinge?

Simply put, the restrictions on general publishing constrain some of the content we at The Manor would like to produce and offer to our listeners.

Also, the particular technical support for the Blogging and IM feedback software I use on my two personal sites has been shut down.

I want to continue to Blog about topics that interest me and make them publicly available, I also want to get feedback and comments and interact with followers and listeners.

After much thought, discussion with the team at The Manor , and despite Patreon’s obvious flaws, we consider that the Patreon model might just enable us to supplement the work available here on my site, at Alternatepress and the eSensual Group, while freeing it up from some of the restrictions to opening up content to wider explorations.

To this end there is now @Club_eSensual on Patreon. There Jezebel and I will host (subject to Patreon’s most recent restrictions) posts and blogs, just as I have on these pages, with similar content and quirky points of view. Listeners, fans, the curious and the experimenters seeking to discover their boundaries, will still have access to material that will entice, excite, arouse and satisfy their desires. There will also be benefits to Patrons who are fans of Directed Erotic Visualisation©.

You can find our irregular blogs from now on @Club_eSensual, make it your go to web link for news of all things new and very naughty in DEV©. Just click on the name link and take a look.


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A devil dog, a dragon, and a centaur walk into a bedroom… And so begins a random, episodic adventure told through memories, comments, emails and personal experiences from the early days of DEV when online chat was new, and interactive Skype sessions were the experience du jour!”

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