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I am Essemoh Teepee (smotp). If you came here to find out more about Erotic and Sensual Hypnosis and the technique I developed called Directed Erotic Visualisation (c), click on the button above to take you to my Specialist Audio site at There you can find more information and FREE audio downloads.

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Nine Months is far too long to have been away!

February 2014

To all those well wishers and concerned individuals who have sent me messages and made enquiries about my whereabouts and well being, thank you for your continued support and patience. I genuinely appreciate it.

I am well and back. A combination of new projects and Real Life combined to keep me away from this work, but you can expect some exciting and fascinating new products and ideas as a result of the R&R.

Currently there are more than 50 DEV Audio experiences available for you to try, some of them FREE to download as MP3 files from

I have been collaborating on a series of full length erotic romance novels, an excerpt from the first, Practical Research is below in the body of this blog. A second book, Captivating Research is nearing completion and a third in the series is already planned. I expect to see the first novel to be published in the near future. I think you will find they are great fun and extremely hot!

I plant to be at Eroticon 2014 this March to meet some old and make some new friends. Perhaps I will see you there?

May 16th 2013

It was heartening to read this review by an appreciative listener to the latest CWTCH! audio, Erotic Relaxation, this response to my work makes it very worth while.

“For those of us who sleep alone, by choice or circumstance, the warmth and affection of a loving partner is often sorely missed. This experience filled some of that void for me. It was warm and gentle. It brought back some of the tenderness I remember from my love, who's been gone for over a decade. Sensuality is something we have for life, an erotic nature is built into us and is sometimes forgotten, or neglected, in the living of our days, especially when lovers die. I'm so glad to have had the good fortune to hear about this audio experience. Last evening I was a lover again. Hearing some of those sweet words and being touched and stroked and kissed in such a tender way made me feel cherished again. The unique method this author brings to the experience is hard to describe, one has to hear and feel the audio to understand just how engaging it is, how involved you can become in the story, and how satisfying it can be. I don't mean just satisfying sexually, though there is that (and it's the safest kind of sex). I also mean satisfied in the heart and soul. Falling asleep in the arms of a lover is a gift that often goes under appreciated, until they're gone. I woke with wonderful memories, reminders of him and who we were together. I also woke with a lighter step, a song in my soul from having experienced the feel of a warm and caring lover hugging my back, kissing my neck, stroking my arms. Priceless!
It's unique and engaging, sweet and satisfying, erotic and sensual. It is a technique I wasn't familiar with, and the first time I listened, I was a bit distracted by it. Don't let that bother you, if you wonder after the first time. The second listen had me fully involved and loving every second. Be aware the language is a little graphic for the more conservative, but in the spirit of the bedroom, I didn't find it inappropriate. The voice of the reader is very nice, an accent, and with a quality to the voice that adds to the experience, deep and growly at times, very appealing.
The other audio in this series is very nice, too. Recommended for those times you want to just fall asleep cuddled up with a warm and caring man.”

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